Three Reasons to Hire a Graphic Designer.

If you’re in the process of launching or creating a brand I have a tip: hire a graphic designer.

I work in the Digital Space as a Digital Director and very often people assume that because I design websites, and work with social media that I also design graphics — I don’t, it’s not my portion. 🤷🏽‍♀️

When I re-launched my brand one of the first and most important things that I did was hire Ashlee Nicole Artistry on retainer to create the graphics for my brand. She’s created everything from the revamp of my logo to the banners on my website and it’s completely elevated the look and aesthetic of my brand.

Now, you maybe getting ready to launch your brand and I have a question for you, have you thought about hiring a graphic designer? If not, I have three reasons to hire a graphic designer.

Your graphic designer will keep your brand cohesive and visually appealing.

A graphic designer will ensure that your brand is communicated the same no matter the platform which will increase your brand recognition. You don’t want your images to use different font styles or color codes because the design elements that your use will all work to visually tell a story about who you are and who your products/services are for. You want your brand to communicate and resonate with your target audience and that starts with first being consistent.

Hiring a graphic designer will free up the time that you’d waste creating subpar graphics.

As much as I love Canva, my skills are no match the work that I get by working with a skilled and knowledgeable graphic designer. And that’s ok because the time that I would spend hassling with graphics is now better served in building my business and working with clients. There are only so many hours in a day and I live by the advice “do what you are best at and what only you can do and delegate the rest”. Hiring a graphic designer has allowed me the time and space to focus on what I am best and give the designing to someone who is best at that.

Your brand will steal the show in a unique way.

As a pretty creative person I still think it’s just difficult to put my ideas on a design and make it look like “WOW”, so I can’t imagine how it must be for people who don’t have a creative bone in their bodies. That’s why people use templates. And that sounds fine and dandy until you see a logo design, graphic, or flyer that looks just like yours because you used a template. Hiring a graphic designer eliminates this and allows you stand out.

Hiring a graphic designer elevated my brand in a way that I honestly just would not have been able to. And working with a graphic designer has allowed me to see the importance in knowing how to communicate — possibly even over communicating. There are many benefits to hiring someone who can bring your ideas to life, but before you can make that happen you have to know and understand your brand. Graphic Designers are not mind readers and they are not copy editors or social media gurus. They are there to take the vision that you see in your head and put it on paper — which means you have to know what your vision is.

If you are ready to hire a graphic designer I suggest Ashlee Nicole Artistry, she’s absolutely undefeated and if you use BREE10 you get 10% off. 🤗

Talk to me:

What are some of the other important people, tools, or resources that you used to elevate your brand and how did they help?